The concept of TEEJ TEOHAR was not born with the intention of profit and business oriented targets. It was a vision which touched our lives when both the partners of this business coming from different backgrounds met at an NGO. Both the partners worked hard and relentlessly for the cause and livelihood of the woman workers in the distant villages of INDIA. They were shocked to see the condition and how less money were made by the handloom workers and manufacturers of these villages, especially the eastern part of INDIA comprising mainly from BENGAL. TEEJ TEOHAR supports and lives for the cause of these people. The profits made from the sales are divided in equivalent portions so that no one makes a loss, and the confirmation of further orders are placed to them. TEEJ TEOHAR does not believe in over the counter sales from beginning it believes in the vision of equality by promoting the talent that has always been overlooked for so long. Quality, delivery and satisfaction has been the spine of our business and there has been no compromise in those lines ever or ever will happen in future. TEEJ TEOHAR is a blend of two rich cultures, and it promises to “make life a celebration.”

Teej Teohar was the inception of a new beginning in my life. Being an individual belonging to the fast paced city life and adhering to daily commitment, I found myself deprived of the capability of helping the other part of the society who have very limited means to live. On my journey from being an advocate to an entrepreneur there were immense challenges, hardwork and commitment. The modest approach to do something for the society and give an opportunity to the people of the remote villages and humble background this is the least we could do. I wish that through the noble cause of Teej Teohar , a difference in the life of those are made.

- Natasha Singha
      (Teej Teohar)